08:30 – 09:00am


09:00 – 09:10am


Nathan McGregor, VP & Country Manager, Hitachi Vantara
Brian Householder
09:10 – 09:45am


Data Driven Transformation: Unleashing the True Value of Your Data

  • The power of data: placing data at the heartbeat of your organisation
  • Social Innovation: using data to build a path to intelligent innovation
  • How Fortune 1000 companies are transforming to a data-driven business
Brian Householder, COO and President, Hitachi Vantara (US)
Ana Marinkovic
09:45 – 10:15am


ANZ Bank’s New Ways of Working: Driving Transformation Company-Wide

  • Organisational readiness: The ‘why’ and ‘how’ of new ways of working
  • Building agility into organisational cultural and structural foundations
  • Challenges in delivering on ‘agile’ growth mindset
  • Leveraging ‘new ways of working’ to enable innovation
  • A look at the future: evolving into a progressive business and creating an innovative culture
Ana Marinkovic, Head of Transformation – Delivery & Change Management, New Ways of Working (Agile), ANZ Bank
Piers Hogarth-Scott
10:15 – 11:00am


IOT & Social Innovation: Opportunities, Risks and Rewards

  • A look at the Internet of Things: data capturing at “mission-critical” points from core to edge
  • The role of business strategy in developing IoT innovation
  • Using IoT technology to create more data driven digital experiences for your customer
  • A look at global examples of how IoT is underwriting smart cities, smart education and smart infrastructure
  • How IoT innovation will impact security and risk management
Piers Hogarth-Scott, National Leader – Internet of Things, KPMG
Geof Heydon, Principal Consultant, Internet of Things Alliance Australia
Daniel Biondi, Regional CTO, Australia & New Zealand, DXC Technology
Brad Surak, Chief Product and Strategy Officer, Hitachi Vantara
Ian Callahan
11:00 – 11:45am


Australia’s IOT Pioneers: Pushing the Boundaries with Data-Driven Innovation

  • Developing the business case for IoT
  • How Curtin and MLA have been co-creating solutions for data-driven innovation
  • Re-defining leadership in the digital era
  • Why Australia is a hotbed for IoT, and what the enterprise can learn from early adopters
Ian Callahan, Chief Operating Officer, Curtin University
Dr Nigel Tomkins, Research Scientist, Meat and Livestock Australia
Nathan McGregor, VP & Country Manager, Hitachi Vantara
11:45 – 01:00pm


At the Piazza, Networking & Hands-On Technology Showcase Viewing

01:00 – 01:45pm


Powering the Digital Enterprise

  • A look at how data is underwriting successful digital transformation outcomes
  • Maximising data mobility between on-premise, public and private clouds
  • Why metadata is a key success factor for digital transformation
  • How analytics helps to unlock the value of your business data
Russell Skingsley, CTO, Solutions & Products Group Leader and Head of Presales APAC, Hitachi Vantara
01:45 – 02:15pm


Smart Spaces and Video Intelligence: Delivering Business Benefits with IoT

  • Defining use cases for IoT that deliver tangible outcomes for business and society
  • Integrating solutions for video analytics, public safety and sensor data to make spaces safer and smarter
  • Examples of successful projects in smart infrastructure, smart retail and smart education
Keith Roscarel, Director Smart Spaces and Video Intelligence – Asia Pacific, Hitachi Vantara
02:15 – 03:00pm


Strategic Data Governance: Responsive, Scalable and Transformative

  • The impact regulatory frameworks such as GDPR will have on Australian enterprises
  • Building a responsive, not reactive, data management framework
  • How data governance can assist in enabling data-driven decisions and business utility
  • The future of data governance in Australian enterprises: preparing for scale
Michelle Pinheiro, Head of Enterprise Data Governance, ANZ Bank
Kit Lloyd, Technology & Commercial Lawyer, MinterEllison
Owen Jones, General Counsel APAC, Hitachi Vantara
Todd Whaley, Services Director, Australia and New Zealand, Hitachi Vantara
03:00 – 03:30pm